Time is running out: demand earlier diagnosis

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Time is running out: demand earlier diagnosis

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 18 years ago. I’m here to tell my story because it was caught early. Together we need to make sure this is the case for everyone. – Alison

We call on all UK governments to transform early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. 

Shockingly, one in five women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are already too ill for treatment. Governments have it in their power to change this, but we must all act now.

Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer saves lives. This is why we’re calling on all UK governments to transform early diagnosis by:

  • Ending the postcode lottery of early diagnosis
  • Funding ovarian cancer symptoms awareness campaigns
  • Ensuring every GP has training on ovarian cancer
  • Shortening the diagnostic pathway

If you believe in a future where every woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival, sign our call to action.

Time is running out. It’s time to TAKE OVAR and demand earlier diagnosis.


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